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Spectrum Introduction & Demo

Cloud-enabled and mobile friendly, Spectrum lets you manage your work from wherever work takes you. Spectrum delivers complete business management for construction companies.


Viewpoint Team + Spectrum: Integrated Financial & Project Management

A collaborative and cloud-based platform that connects the back office with field operations and the extended project team of subcontractors, materials suppliers, architects, owners and more. Watch the video to see how seamless the integration is.


Spectrum Service Tech Overview

Service Tech is an easy-to-use mobile solution that simplifies administration and provides all the tools and information required for field technicians to focus on the physical work instead of paperwork. Service managers get real-time data flow between the field and office, as well as, streamlined and scalable operations that are consistent across work orders and technicians.


Spectrum Payroll Time Entry

Cloud-enabled and mobile friendly, Payroll Time Entry allows supervisors to approve or dispute time cards, get employee signatures on time cards, enter production units, equipment time in the field. And it all syncs automatically, in real time.


Viewpoint Team

Viewpoint Team, a project collaboration tool that allows your internal organization along with external contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers to all collaborate on one cloud-based tool that also integrates with Spectrum.

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Who We Help


Christenson Electric

Christenson employees discuss how they have used Spectrum to manage every aspect of their business, from financial to project management, work orders, invoicing and more.


Illinois General Contractor Solves T&M Billing Woes

Helmkamp was struggling with job cost accounting controls, and had to keep adding staff to cover the extra work needed to stay on top of time & materials billing processes. Spectrum’s integrated T&M billing and other cash flow and profitability management features made it the perfect choice to help Helmkamp focus on growth.

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Georgia Paving Company Takes Control of Equipment Costs

Equipment is the lifeblood of Baldwin’s business. But their equipment tracking basically amounted to asking the shop manager how much he thought it cost to keep a piece of equipment. Spectrum offered the right solution so they could stop guessing and start knowing if they were making money on a piece of equipment.

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Scott Builders

With projects scattered across western Canada, Scott couldn’t afford the errors and delays that came with inconsistent data from a hodgepodge of disconnected systems. They needed one source of truth for all of their projects to get their office staff and field personnel on the same page. Spectrum fit the bill perfectly.

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Industrial Contractor Taps Business Intelligence to Reduce Risk

Managing a multi-trade contracting operation made it extremely difficult and time consuming to compile the detailed, specialized financial and project reporting that W. Soule needed. But Spectrum’s Business Intelligence module made it easy and intuitive.

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Best Practices: Change Orders

When change orders happen, they can disrupt productivity, cause schedules to get behind and expose your business to financial risk. Using the right tools, keeping up-to-date information, and frequent communication are key to keeping a project on time and within budget. Download this whitepaper to learn five steps to manage and reduce risk when change orders happen.

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Going Paperless: The Digital Construction Organization

Paperwork is more than just a headache, it’s also a liability. With 50 percent of project management teams still using manual processes, there’s much to be gained by adopting construction specific technology to go paperless.

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Tapping into Better Business Intelligence

Learn 5 ways integrated BI contains cost, manages risk and improves margins in the construction industry.

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Successful Project Management - Getting A Handle On Work In Progress

Getting information from the field team to office personnel quickly and accurately cuts down on financial reporting mistakes and helps firms better allocate resources.

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