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Please be aware that Primavera Contract Management reached end of life in August 2016 and is no longer being developed. At this time only sustaining support is being offered, where we provide best effort on resolving your issue. If the problem you are experiencing is determined to be a bug, unfortunately no solution will be able to be provided as there is no longer a development team. This is discussed here. Please contact your CDP account manager to learn about alternative project management (PM) solutions.

Oracle's Primavera Contract Management is a document management, job cost, and field controls solution that keeps construction projects on schedule and on budget through complete project control. Construction project management involves groups of people representing different disciplines, from project managers, contract managers, and division managers to subcontractors, architects, engineers, suppliers, and owners—all trying to collaborate on a multitude of issues and changes while juggling multiple documents and contracts. Controlling your construction project's plan, budget, forecast costs, and deliverables is vital to the success of your projects and the future of your business.


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Oracle is no longer supporting the Sybase Infomaker 10.5 functionality embedded within Primavera Contract Management (CM) 12.1 and 13.0.  For customers using this functionality, there  are two courses of action available. 

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