Phoenix Project Manager for Construction and Engineering

It is more critical than ever to develop the optimal project plan to get the job done right: on time and on budget. One project gone bad can eliminate the profits of the entire year, or worse. You need a partner you can count on to eliminate surprises.

Phoenix Project Manager was developed by construction scheduling professionals to simplify managing projects and Phoenix delivers a powerful tool to handle everything from simple projects to the most complex construction programs. Phoenix Project Manager's superior graphics communicate the value of scheduling, making the schedule an invaluable management tool.

CDP provides Phoenix Project Manager (construction scheduling software)

Phoenix Project Manager:

  • Provides seamless schedule integration from the owner, contractors and subs.
  • Fits into the supply chain, integrating with Microsoft Project and Primavera, giving contractors a new option.
  • Adds a CPM Checker to ensure the quality of the schedules throughout the project.
  • Provides the tools to find and solve project problems before construction even starts.

Phoenix Project Manager is committed to the construction market and is a valued partner on some of the largest construction projects. We help owners stay on budget and contractors protect their profits.

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