Viewer for XER, XML, XLS Project Schedules

ScheduleReader is a cost-effective XER viewer for project schedules created with Oracle® Primavera P6. The software replaces exporting plans and schedules in PDF to Project Managers, Team Leads and Stakeholders.


What is ScheduleReader?

A tool that dynamically presents project data from .xer, .xml and xls schedules, which users can easily filter, organize and share with project stakeholders.

Who is Using ScheduleReader?

All Project Teams and Stakeholders who currently view the plans in PDF or XLS.

Why consider ScheduleReader?

Modernize scheduling efforts and improve communication of schedule data with other project members and stakeholders.



Benefits for Project Managers

Main reasons to choose ScheduleReader and replace exporting schedules to PDF:

  • More efficient process for sharing project data with stakeholders.
  • Overview of the project with personalized views and custom filtering.
  • Navigate through predecessors and successors.
  • Work with custom layouts imported from .plf file.
  • Baselines comparison from several Project Schedule versions.
  • Propose feedback for progress updates on activities and assignments.

How can ScheduleReader help in your role?