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Simply the best way to manage all your projects.

SureTrak Project Manager helps you plan, schedule and organize projects from start to finish. Even if you’ve never managed a project, you can do it like a pro with SureTrak.

Note: SureTrak is a retired product that is no longer supported. If you are looking for an upgrade path from SureTrak, our expert schedulers recommend Phoenix Project Manager.


Plan to succeed.

No matter how many projects you’re responsible for, or how complex they are, SureTrak Project Manager helps you develop a solid plan for achieving project goals and for managing them to a successful finish.

Create project schedules quickly and easily.

SureTrak offers two schedule views – Gantt and PERT, with graphics that can be easily inserted and rearranged, giving you optimal control over your project schedule.

Control projects from start to finish.

From your initial brainstorm session to your day-to-day updating, SureTrak gives you the tools you need to take control of your project and guide it to a successful finish. SureTrak gets you on the fast track with its unique features – Project KickStart™ and Progress Spotlight™, which allow you to quickly and thoroughly plan and update your projects. With SureTrak, you can model the inevitable changes in priority, analyze alternatives for dealing with limited resources and accelerate work as deadlines approach.

Keep everyone up-to-date.

Unite and motivate your team members with SureTrak’s built-in Web publishing, comprehensive e-mail capabilities and flexible reporting. Whether you are collaborating on activity details or gathering status information, SureTrak allows you to get your point across to team members regardless of where they are located.

Succeed with SureTrak.

Feature for feature SureTrak is simply the best way to manage all your projects. The proof is in the finished project: on time, on target and on the money.

Learn more about Phoenix Project Manager, the most popular replacement for SureTrak.

Training Class: 401 - SureTrak Project Manager

CDP offers on-demand private training for SureTrak Project Manager.

The course provides a comprehensive overview of SureTrak Project Manager for Windows. It examines how to use SureTrak for project planning, scheduling, control and analysis. Concepts include:

  • Project creation
  • Scheduling logic concepts
  • Schedule updating
  • Task creation
  • Resource and cost management
  • Schedule reporting and layouts

Request SureTrak private training class