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CDP is an Oracle Gold Partner, providing project management solutions in the mid-Atlantic region.Please join us for this dynamic, fast-paced webinar to learn how to use your project schedule to reduce claims. During the webinar, Elizabeth May will discuss methods and best practices of creating and maintaining your project schedule to protect against claims.

We will review the origin of claims, and the important processes to utilize in order to reduce your exposure.

We will review in-detail the scheduling practices that are used to help:

  • Create a project schedule
  • Monitor potential risk
  • Update project schedules to reflect current project status
  • Avoid claims with best scheduling practices

CDP Senior Consultant Elizabeth May has over 17 years of industry experience including construction project management, project management software training, and implementing project controls solutions. She has helped many companies improve their use of project management software solutions. Elizabeth is well-versed in many project management software packages.


Watch the Webinar

Click here to watch the webinar.