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HD PCM V13: What's New in Version 13

Learn what's new in Hard Dollar Project Cost Management (Version 13).

HD PCM V13 New Feature: Waste Percent

How to apply waste percentages in Hard Dollar Version 13.

HD PCM V13: Quote Management

Enhanced Quote Management functionality in Hard Dollar Version 13.

HD PCM V13: Budget Contract Change Enhancements

Enhancements to managing budget and contract changes in Hard Dollar version 13.

HD PCM V13: Excel Integration Enhancements

New Microsoft Excel integration functionality in Hard Dollar Version 13.

HD PCM V13: Job Tracking Enhancements

New features for tracking job performance in Hard Dollar Version 13.

PRC Risk Register: Project Reports Section - Project Overview

Demonstration of the project overview report at the project level of the PRC Risk Register.

PRC Risk Register: Import Risk Register

How to import a risk register from Microsoft Excel into the PRC Risk Register.

Importing and Exporting with Phoenix Project Manager

How to Import and Export schedule data to Phoenix Project Manager, with an emphasis on Importing and Exporting to Oracle Primavera P6 XER format.