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Streamlining Construction Submittals

Submitted by cdp-inc on December 9, 2019 - 5:00pm

Article written by Andy Holtmann and appears on the Viewpoint blog

Submittals are one of the most vital parts of the processes and workflows around construction projects. The submittal process assures owners that their plans and specs are clearly understood by both contractors and subcontractors building the project. This process ensures both quality control and contractual compliance per the plans and specifications.

A typical construction project, though, can feature hundreds, if not thousands of submittals and workflows around them. Delays in processing or last-minute submittals can lead to problems — including requests for information (RFIs) and change orders — which can cause significant project delays, impacting both productivity and deliverability.

Contractors have long sought for ways to improve their submittal processes to streamline their projects’ productivity and mitigate risk of errors due to late or incomplete information.

Stuck in the Manual Process Mud

Making matters worse, many contractors are still relying on manual approaches to submittals.

Workflows to Streamline Information Sharing Between the Office, Team and Jobsite

Submitted by cdp-inc on December 9, 2019 - 4:30pm

Using Viewpoint Field Management to Integrate and Share Real-Time Information

Everyone knows the jobsite is where the magic happens. It’s where all of those construction project concepts and drawings get realized in physical form and where different teams with different specialties come together to work collaboratively toward a common goal.

In today’s modern operating environment, contractors need new ways to realize efficiencies, mitigate risks and streamline work to compete. Relying on manual processes or outdated, stand-alone technology to collect and share project data leaves projects more vulnerable to costly mistakes and rework, conflicts or work stoppages that can delay projects, upset clients and shrink profits.

More and more contractors are turning to powerful, cloud-based construction management solutions like Viewpoint Vista, which provides a complete platform of integrated functionality. Delivered in the cloud, that functionality extends to real time data, collaboration and automated workflows from the back office to the field (and vice versa).

What’s Your Company’s Crisis Plan?

Submitted by cdp-inc on October 7, 2019 - 10:02am

Article written by Andy Holtmann on the Viewpoint blog

When disaster strikes, having the right technology and a solid plan in place can ensure limited business disruption

Hurricane Dorian, like so many before it, left a swath of destruction from the Bahamas to the east coast of the United States. Whether a hurricane, fire, flood or other disaster of any type, the communities impacted often rely on construction companies to quickly get things moving in a positive direction. To ensure your construction firm can immediately get to the business of helping its community it’s vital to have a meticulous crisis plan — and the right technology — in place.

Project Managers Driving Demand for Better, Faster Construction Data

Submitted by cdp-inc on October 4, 2019 - 10:52am

Article written by Kati Viscaino on the Viewpoint blog

Construction projects today produce a mountain of data. From job costs to materials quantities to equipment usage to labor and production stats, data drives how successful a project will be. The most successful projects — and contractors — are able to accurately collect all available data and analytically dig deep into it to better understand projects. But that’s easier said than done.

Ask virtually any project manager, for instance, and they’ll tell you they’re consistently behind — swamped with work and buried in a mountain of paperwork. Their body of work is judged by four words: “on time” and “on budget.” But if getting there means using a mix of manual processes and outdated, non-connected software systems, then they’re not working as efficiently as they could be.

The Impact of Technology on Construction Data

Submitted by cdp-inc on September 9, 2019 - 1:48pm

Article written by Matt Harris on the Viewpoint blog

Viewpoint Teamed with Dodge Data & Analytics to Produce Industry Report on the Digital Transformation of the Construction Industry

As construction work becomes more complex, and as technology continues to transform the way we work, contractors are under increasing pressure to be smarter and more efficient about project delivery. Accomplishing this in a high-risk, low-margin environment means data-driven decision making becomes that much more important for contractors who hope to maintain a competitive edge. The better the business intelligence, the greater that edge, and building intelligence begins with a solid foundation of business data.

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