Save Time in Contract Manager - Create New Projects from Templates

How to save a copy of a project as a template project in Contract Manager and create new projects from it.

Example #1: When Submittals are logged, save project as a template to copy for your next project.

After all of the Summitals have been entered and before they are updated with reviewers, etc., save this project as a “template” project.  This option will save project data at its current status.  Create a new Project from this “Submittal” Project template.  All of the Submittals will be created ready for adjustment and distribution.

Contract Manager Project Template

Example #2: Use the bar chart schedule in the Submittal Module to submit to the client as a deliverable .

Change the layout to “Bar Chart” in the Submittals module, and a “bar chart” is ready to print for review and distribution as a “deliverable” if required by your Award Contract. No need to create a separate schedule.

Contract Manager Project Template