Customize Personal Menu in Spectrum Construction Management Software

Spectrum - Customize Personal Menu

You can personalize menus in Spectrum to work the way you do with the Personal Menu function. The Personal Menu is a user-defined, customized menu configured for particular operators or schemes. Once its created, you can assign the menu to specific operators or a security level.

Perhaps you're tired of navigating to multiple modules to complete the work for a specific task (such as posting Accounts Payable invoices after receiving against a purchase order). By creating a Personal Menu, you can streamline data entry processes, provide more meaningful menu descriptions for data entry screens, and simplify system security by limiting access to the screens in the menus. Your System Administrator can create Personal Menus by going to Admin | Security | Personal Menu. 


Navigation Bar

Spectrum Navigation Bar

As shown in the screenshots, the Navigation Bar is similar to the Bookmarks feature in your web, but offers significantly more functionality.

The Navigation Bar can be accessed almost anywhere in Spectrum by clicking the compass icon found in the upper right corner of the screen. Here are some useful tips for getting the most out of your Navigation Bar:

  • Right-click in the Navigation Bar to add headers which can be used to group shortcuts for related transaction cycles (purchasing, sales, and so on).
  • Use the Navigation Bar to create shortcuts to third-party applications, such as Microsoft Office® or estimating programs.
  • Create a series of shortcuts to access frequently-used system folders containing supporting documents and spreadsheets.