Solutions for Public Sector

Solutions for Public Sector

More and more, industries in the public sector are being challenged to execute increasing complex programs with a growing network of contractors, all while complying with government regulations and demonstrating accountability.  

At CDP, we understand that this fast-paced, high-tech environment requires specialized expertise.  Our industry experts are here to help you transition from legacy systems to new state-of-the-art tools with a hands-on approach that will allow you to:

  • Enable strategic decision making.
  • Prioritize initiatives by portfolio, program, agency, or other needs.
  • Manage multi-year, multi-project programs.
  • Provide clear visibility and accountability for project and program performance.

CDP employees understand the public sector environment and can help you develop processes that allow you to have visibility into the progress of your projects and programs so you can deliver on-time, within budget, and in compliance.  Specifically, CDP will enable you to:

  • CDP provides project and risk management solutions for the public sector, including local, state, and federal governments, school districts, and universities. Plan and manage capital and capacity.
  • Align projects to funding sources.
  • Forecast / estimate the cost of completion at all stages of the project and program.
  • Integrate costs from ERP and scheduling to provide ANSI/ESI -748 Compliant earned value reporting.
  • Provide leadership with easy to read dashboards and key performance indicators (KPI).
  • Create accurate budget estimates based on historic project information.
  • Integrate cost estimate and schedule analysis.
  • Manage contractor performance by project or across multiple projects.
  • Manage project documentation and contracts.
  • Overcome uncertainty by modeling risks and analyzing the cost and schedule impacts with mitigation scenarios.
  • Protect against claims with effective change management.
  • Standardize processes for repeatable success.

Partner Solutions for the Public Sector


With over 50 apps in Kahua’s public kStore and over 100 private applications that have been developed by customers or certified Kahua Partners, Kahua is reinventing the way companies manage and collaborate on projects by providing a solution that solves the major problems associated with legacy document management and project team collaboration solutions.

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Phoenix Project Manager

It is more critical than ever to develop the optimal project plan to get the job done right: on time and on budget. One project gone bad can eliminate the profits of the entire year, or worse. You need a partner you can count on to eliminate surprises. Phoenix Project Manager was developed by construction scheduling professionals to simplify managing projects and it delivers a powerful tool to handle everything from simple projects to the most complex public sector construction programs.

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Hard Dollar

Hard Dollar’s award-winning Project Cost Management solution creates cost confidence with increased visibility, standardization, automation, and control over project costs through estimate creation, timesheet entry, productivity management and project analysis in real-time, along with real-time resource and cost loaded scheduling integration with Primavera® and Microsoft® Project.

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Oracle Primavera

25 of the top 25 governments in the world use Oracle to meet transparency, accountability, and compliance requirements.

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Virtual Project Office

Virtual Project Office (VPO) is a secure collaborative tool that can eliminate many of the everyday challenges of large public sector construction, engineering and building projects —the challenges that, left unresolved, can develop into costly delays or litigation.

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