Solutions for the Construction Industry

Solutions for the Construction Industry

Since 1981, CDP has been working with construction companies to help successfully plan, manage, control, and deliver projects of all sizes and complexities.  The real world experience of our expert staff and our industry leading tools will enable strategic decision making using real-time project information.

CDP's hands-on approach allows us to be part of your team and will help you plan, manage and control across multiple projects by:

  • Identifying and managing risk.
  • Protecting profit and reducing claims through effective change control on contracts and projects.
  • Providing a consolidated, configurable dashboard for project stakeholders.
  • Helping to develop configurable key performance indicators.
  • Standardizing processes for repeatable success.
  • Integrating accounting and project management from a single source.

Because we understand the construction industry and your type of business, CDP's implementation team configures software tools to support your processes and best practices, allowing you to:

  • CDP offers solutions for retail construction project management Avoid surprises on projects with real time project information and project alerts.
  • Standardize document process workflows and centrally stored project documents to minimize the risk of claims.
  • Build web platforms for access to real-time information.
  • Manage current and future labor and equipment needs across projects through a centralized resource pool.
  • Create accurate cost estimates based on historic information.
  • Integrate cost estimate and schedule analysis.
  • Manage multiple cost / profit center performance.
  • Analyze and manage work-in-process.
  • Integrate document control for email, scanned images, photos, and more.
  • Integrate job cost, service management and work order management.
  • Analyze profit by crew, resource, branch, territory or other metrics.
  • Model and analyze impacts due to factors such as weather delay, accidents, and vendor delays.

Partner Solutions for Construction


Dexter + Chaney

More than 1,000 construction companies use Spectrum® Construction Software to manage their complex businesses. Dexter + Chaney's Spectrum Construction Management Software includes 28 integrated modules that handle construction project management, construction accounting, service, equipment management, human resources, document imaging, remote connectivity, and data sharing.

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With over 50 apps in Kahua’s public kStore and over 100 private applications that have been developed by customers or certified Kahua Partners, Kahua is reinventing the way companies manage and collaborate on projects by providing a solution that solves the major problems associated with legacy document management and project team collaboration solutions.

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Phoenix Project Manager

It is more critical than ever to develop the optimal project plan to get the job done right: on time and on budget. One project gone bad can eliminate the profits of the entire year, or worse. You need a partner you can count on to eliminate surprises. Phoenix Project Manager was developed by construction scheduling professionals to simplify managing projects and it delivers a powerful tool to handle everything from simple projects to the most complex construction programs.

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Oracle Primavera

19 of the top 20 engineering and construction firms use Oracle's Primavera solutions to manage time, cost, resources, risks, contracts, and documents.

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Hard Dollar

Hard Dollar’s award-winning Project Cost Management solution creates cost confidence and profits with increased visibility, standardization, automation, and control over project costs through estimate creation, timesheet entry, productivity management and project analysis in real-time, along with real-time resource and cost loaded scheduling integration with Primavera® and Microsoft® Project.

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Virtual Project Office

Virtual Project Office (VPO) is a secure collaborative tool that can eliminate many of the everyday challenges of large construction, engineering and building projects —the challenges that, left unresolved, can develop into costly delays or litigation.

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TopBuilder Solutions provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Lead Management, Email Marketing and a Branded Newsletter to commercial builders and contractors across North America.

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