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Safran is the leading provider of project management solutions to asset-intensive organizations. Companies leverage Safran products to improve the planning of their projects, to optimize the execution of their projects, and manage the operation of their assets. The result is optimization of capital and resources and reduction of risk, driving top line and bottom line economic benefit.

Safran is focused on developing and supporting project management solutions for asset intensive industries. As a result, Safran’s solutions are singularly focused on meeting the needs of our customers and are not diluted to meet broader market requirements.

Safran Project™

Does your planning software work with you or against you? We work closely with industry to understand the everyday challenges of project management. The result is Safran Project, a comprehensive planning and project control software solution designed to add value at every stage of your project.

Program and Portfolio Management

Safran Project gives you visibility into status, resource spending, resource conflicts and demands from your initiatives, projects, programs and portfolios. Use Safran’s reporting capabilities to highlight conditions requiring executive action and decision-making.

Planning Done Your Way

No two project organizations work the same way, so flexibility is at the core of Safran Project. Create unlimited networks, sub-networks, activities, links, summary levels, and baselines to perfectly structure your network. Once the project is underway, flexible layouts and over 100 user-definable fields allow you to sort, filter, and view your data the way that works best for your business. 

Unlimited baselines are essential on complex projects. They give flexibility in reporting and added insight into changes over the full project lifecycle. Together with the storage of planned dates and past period performance data, they allow for a full in-depth review of a project for an audit or a lessons learned process.

When a planner prefers one layout while a manager prefers another, Safran Project’s user-level layout creation and storage solves the problem. Restrict layouts to the creator or make them available to the whole organization.