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Hard Dollar's specialized functionality for infrastructure contractors and owners includes best-in-class tools for estimating and take-off of; trenches, haul, hauler, asphalt, pipe, grading, bridges, curb, excavation, mobilization, structural concrete, box culvert and water take-off.

Hard Dollar Infrastructure software enables:

Gain an A+B Bidding Edge

A+B bidding continues to gain popularity for public works projects, and is forcing contractors to re-think estimating and bidding methodologies. In A+B bids, the contractor submits both a price (the “A” portion) and a duration (the “B” portion) as part of the bid package. The state or other government agency financing the project establishes a daily cost associated with the job, and multiplies that daily cost by the duration bid by each contractor. The contractor with the best combination of cost and duration - A+B - is awarded the work.

Eliminate Penalties and Liquidated Damages, Gaining Early Complete Bonus Advantage

Because A+B bids typically include significant penalties for completing the project late, as well as bonuses for early completion, contractors must be able to effectively analyze the correlation between a project's cost and its schedule. Even more important, contractors that can easily perform “what if?” analysis across both the estimate and the schedule have a unique advantage when it comes to A+B bids. A+B bids are driving contractors to re-evaluate the importance of scheduling during the estimating process. Hard Dollar's dynamic integration with Microsoft® Project and Primavera® gives customers a highly compelling advantage when it comes to optimizing a project's cost and schedule using different resource and productivity scenarios, crew sizes, shift arrangements, and more. Adding the schedule element gives sophisticated contractors an additional criteria on which to compete for business, so it's not just the low bid gets the job.

Project Interoperability

Hard Dollar Infrastructure software enables standard integration to over 35 ERP systems providing interoperability, and elimination of duplicate data entry while maintaining integrity between operations and financial management.

Heavy Highway Project Results

Results provide an invaluable intellectual property database of detailed historical quantities, costs, crew, and machine productivity data unique to your company, providing a competitive advantage, accuracy confidence, and a foundation for expansion and growth.