Viewpoint Dexter + Chaney Solutions for Heavy/Highway and Utilities Companies

CDP provides Spectrum Construction software in the mid-Atlantic regionSpectrum® Construction Software was designed and developed to address the demands and details that heavy/highway and utilities contractors face every day.  Spectrum serves every aspect of your business, saving steps and time, simplifying processes and providing greater control for everyone in your organization.

Spectrum will help heavy/highway and utilities companies:

  • Grow a company. Spectrum is tailor-made for heavy/highway and utilities contractors, helping users to grow their business by managing labor and equipment more efficiently and effectively. Spectrum provides the ability to manage unit price work and see up-to-date, accurate information across the organization, on any PC.
  • Control equipment. The new Equipment Service System and Resource Scheduling modules were designed for heavy/highway and utilities companies to revolutionize the tracking, control and management of valuable equipment and personnel. Spectrum’s Equipment Service System provides electronic monitoring for accurate daily readings of run times and fuel usage on each piece of your heavy equipment. It also tracks maintenance activities to simplify processes and maximize productivity. Spectrum’s Resource Scheduling module provides another valuable tool for managing expensive assets, to ensure that equipment, employees and movers are available when and where needed. It helps users eliminate job delays and unnecessary costs for renting equipment or hiring temporary worker
  • Do more with less. Spectrum helps each member of your team get more done in less time, by eliminating duplication, coordinating functions, cutting steps and automating processes, resulting in big gains in efficiency and capacity. With Spectrum, your company can handle more work and grow revenues, while limiting overhead and controlling expenses.

Modules for Heavy/Highway and Utilities Companies

Dexter + Chaney offers 28 Modules to help clients customize the Spectrum Software solution.  The following modules are the most commonly used Spectrum modules by peers in your industry.


Spectrum's Job Cost module provides project managers, controllers, and owners with all the information necessary to keep jobs on track and spot any potential cost overruns.

Accurate and timely monitoring of job costs and profitability can make or break any company. Job Cost provides an easy way of monitoring profitability on any job with completely up-to-date information. Online analysis of costs and income is also easily done at any point during the life of a project. 


Spectrum's Job Cost module will help you:

  • Accurately project costs by dollars, hours, dollars per hour, quantity, dollars per unit or units per hour.
  • Track current proposals, including future expected profit before a job is set up.
  • Quickly and securely create new jobs. 
  • Provide flexible pricing models, with support for fixed bid, time + material, cost plus, and unit cost.
  • Analyze cost and revenue throughout a job cycle.
  • Get more out of your reporting, with complete work-in-process scheudules, earned revenue tracking, productivity reporting, and cost projection reporting.
  • Better manage and track change order costs and profitability. 

Sample Reporting

Job Cost Analysis Report

Provides job-to-date comparison of committed and estimated costs, broken down by phase and cost type. The report can be printed with projected costs for comparison. The weekly, monthly, and yearly costs are also available for analysis. Unlimited job and phase notes may be included.

Job Profitability Report

Provides a quick summary of the actual, projected, and estimated profit and profit percentage for each job. This report can also analyze the overall profitability by project manager.

Contract Status Report

Generates a complete Work-in-Progress report for all current and completed jobs in the current year. This report meets and exceeds all financial and bonding requirements. A complete picture of projected, job-to-date, year-to-date, and month-to-date billings, plus costs, profits, and over/under billings is presented.

Spectrum's Equipment Control module enables equipment to be charged to jobs and provides profit reporting for each piece of equipment. It tracks all costs associated with individual pieces of equipment. All revenue generated through the use, or rental to outside parties, of each piece of equipment is readily recorded and allocated.  This module also tracks hours of use per equipment so that required preventive maintenance can be performed on a timely basis.


  • Improved cost and revenue tracking.  Equipment revenues can be tracked using rental rates or job cost schedule rates.  Fuel and oil usage can be tracked for each piece of equipment and diesel reports can also be generated.  Usage on jobs can be assigned by standard hourly billing rates for each equipment code. As needed, special rates for jobs can quickly be assigned.
  • Stronger administrative tracking.  Depreciation, insurance and license fees can be automatically calculated on a monthly basis, and are included in total costs of the equipment. Depreciation method may be specified vehicle-by-vehicle, based on year, meter or hours used.
  • Detailed reporting.  Equipment cost history can be reported by each equipment code with any user-defined date selections and for any source of cost.  Equipment can be tracked whether the company owns, leases or simply rents the equipment.

Sample Reporting

Equipment Revenue Report:

Details the rental and job revenue along with the corresponding cost for each equipment code. The total profit or allocation difference is reported with the amount per hour. This report can be printed for any period, and can be sorted to subtotal by equipment code or by equipment type.

Equipment Cost Report:

This report lists each equipment code with columns for each of the seven cost category types, total hours used and the cost per hour are presented. If the detail option is chosen, the cost breakdown by each of the user-defined cost categories is presented. The report can be generated for any period, sorted by equipment code or by equipment type, with subtotals as an available option.

Equipment Utilization Report:

This report shows the stand-by rate and the operating rate separately. The option is available to show a composite rate or break out the billing between the stand-by rate plus the costs of operation. This allows a comparison of stand by hours versus utilization hours for a percentage of time actually used while on a job site.

Spectrum Equipment Service System provides automated data collection for heavy equipment companies needing accurate operating information. Electronic monitors collect and relay data using wireless radio frequency transmissions, not expensive, multiple cellular or satellite connections. Daily readings of fuel usage, run times, maintenance activities, and more are electronically reported for each individual asset.

Beyond providing timely, reliable and accurate data for oversight, Spectrum Equipment Service System™ arms your field technicians with maintenance status and schedule information, including alerts for timely completion of maintenance tasks. Now instead of relying on and processing paperwork in the field, your technicians benefit from automated prompts and maintenance history on site.


Spectrum Equipment Service System helps you

  • Seize control of operating costs to generate higher ROI.
  • Develop job estimates based on accurate, reliable data.
  • Reduce idle time to reduce fuel consumption and save money.
  • Capture accurate fuel tracking by individual piece of equipment.
  • Stop fuel theft.
  • Know where each piece of equipment is located and when it’s being used.
  • Maximize utilization and useful life of each piece of heavy equipment you own.
  • Eliminate the time and hassle of manual data collection.
  • Get the benefits of equipment monitoring at the most cost-effective price.

Spectrum Document Imaging lets you incorporate documents - AP invoices, time cards, change orders, etc. - into your everyday workflow, makes your important files available instantly, and your documents are more secure. Paper documents are subject to mishandling and loss or even fire. Documents in Spectrum are safe and duplicated by regular electronic back-ups.


  • Robust document search.  Spectrum Full-Text Indexing (also known as Optical Character Recognition or OCR Indexing) provides you with the ability to search documents using any typed text on the scanned document (not just keywords that were entered at the time the image was added to the system).  Automatic indexing ensures that documents are filed correctly and are easy to locate, and flexible searches make it easy to find a single document or a group of documents. The "Build CD" feature allows the selected documents to easily be transferred to a CD.
  • Full integration.  Document Imaging is integrated to transactions and events throughout Spectrum such as invoices, change orders, and employee reviews. Integration also extends to master files such as jobs, employees, vendors, and customers.
  • Electronic filing.  For documents that do not relate to a specific vendor, job or other Spectrum file, such as tax returns or audit information, you can use Electronic Filing to create your own custom electronic file cabinets, drawers, and folders to hold virtually any type of scanned document. The number of documents and folders is limited only by available disk space.

With Spectrum Construction Project Management Software, you will know the status of each and every RFI, submittal, change request, and change order. Spectrum tracks all of these project components—from initiation to final resolution—by date and detail in an organized, uniform, easy-to-access system.

Integrated Project Workflow Management

Spectrum's Project Management Software provides a fully integrated process for managing workflow. Project Management tracks all items that must be fulfilled under a contract, plus anything else that must be tracked during the job. Designed to coordinate details throughout an organization, Spectrum Construction Project Management Software places vital information and documentation at the users' fingertips instantly.

Job Cost, Imaging, A/P, A/R & Payroll Integration

Full integration with Spectrum's Job Cost Software, Document Imaging, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll Software makes the Project Management Software both powerful and efficient. Single data entry, along with information sharing, streamlines project setup and maintenance. Elements such as requests for information (RFIs), submittals, change requests, and daily logs are visible to all authorized users. And, reports are more accurate and meaningful since they are based on a common database of shared information.

Project Change Order Management

Change orders, when handled efficiently, become profit generators for each project. Spectrum's integration and detail tracking automates and expedites the change order process, managing both cost and revenue. From RFIs and submittals, to proposed and approved change requests, to executed change orders, Spectrum Construction Project Management Software helps you invoice promptly and accurately for changes on a job.

Complete Document Imaging Solution

Document Imaging Software—another integrated component of Spectrum—adds a unique dimension to the Project Management software. With Document Imaging, every job-related document, photo, spreadsheet, etc. is electronically filed within the project for easy access by everyone in the organization. For example, if an RFI was generated by a handwritten note and a photo, these documents would be stored electronically as permanent elements of that RFI. A simple mouse click would allow both local and remote users to view these documents on screen. They can even be printed, faxed, or e-mailed directly from within Spectrum's Project Management Software.

Spectrum's Query and Dashboards are a collection of graphic displays and database queries that provide real-time access to key performance indicators (KPI's) for your company. Specific dashboards are included for executive, operations and financial personnel.  The Query and Dashboards module can help you get the right information to the right people at the right time.

Query Builder

Spectrum's new Query Builder enables users to set-up recurring database queries that produce and email key metrics reports to your team.


You know your business and you know what you have to keep track of. How much money you have in the bank, as well as what your receivables and payables look like. Job cash flow, job profit variance, and work activity are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that help you diagnose small problems before they become large headaches. Spectrum's  Dashboards feature has taken these KPIs and built graphic displays around them so you can monitor the health of your company at a glance.