Viewpoint Dexter + Chaney Solutions for General Construction

CDP provides Spectrum Construction software in the mid-Atlantic regionDexter + Chaney has designed Spectrum to fit every aspect of your business; saving steps and time, simplifying processes and providing greater control for everyone in your organization.

Spectrum will help general construction companies:

  • Grow a company. General contractors know that increasing revenue does not always mean increasing business, because revenues don’t always translate into profits.  Spectrum has been designed to tackle productivity challenges like managing labor effectively, managing subcontractors, and sharing accurate information across your organization. Spectrum’s Dashboards provide key performance indicators (KPIs) by customer, project and activity at a glance, revealing which jobs need attention, with up-to-the-minute scores for working capital, schedule variance, job cash flow, committed cost, profit variance, over/under billing, unapproved invoices, RFIs and accounts receivable aging. 
  • Streamline processes to make your job easier.  Spectrum puts an end to job binders; a nightmare to maintain, and to use when developing cost-to-complete projections. No more creating spreadsheets with current P.O.s and invoices in an attempt create accurate reports; with Spectrum current material and subcontract and labor costs are visible as soon as the data is entered into the system. Real-time cost information provides an essential early warning system to flag problems, so they can be fixed before it’s too late.
  • Do more with less. Spectrum helps each member of your team get more done in less time, by eliminating duplication, coordinating functions, cutting steps and automating processes, resulting in big gains in efficiency and capacity. With Spectrum, your company can handle more work and grow revenues, while limiting overhead and controlling expenses.

Modules for General Contractors

Dexter + Chaney offers 28 Modules to help clients customize the Spectrum Software solution.  The following modules are the most commonly used Spectrum modules by peers in your industry.


Spectrum's Job Cost module provides project managers, controllers, and owners with all the information necessary to keep jobs on track and spot any potential cost overruns.

Accurate and timely monitoring of job costs and profitability can make or break any company. Job Cost provides an easy way of monitoring profitability on any job with completely up-to-date information. Online analysis of costs and income is also easily done at any point during the life of a project. 


Spectrum's Job Cost module will help you:

  • Accurately project costs by dollars, hours, dollars per hour, quantity, dollars per unit or units per hour.
  • Track current proposals, including future expected profit before a job is set up.
  • Quickly and securely create new jobs. 
  • Provide flexible pricing models, with support for fixed bid, time + material, cost plus, and unit cost.
  • Analyze cost and revenue throughout a job cycle.
  • Get more out of your reporting, with complete work-in-process scheudules, earned revenue tracking, productivity reporting, and cost projection reporting.
  • Better manage and track change order costs and profitability. 

Sample Reporting

Job Cost Analysis Report

Provides job-to-date comparison of committed and estimated costs, broken down by phase and cost type. The report can be printed with projected costs for comparison. The weekly, monthly, and yearly costs are also available for analysis. Unlimited job and phase notes may be included.

Job Profitability Report

Provides a quick summary of the actual, projected, and estimated profit and profit percentage for each job. This report can also analyze the overall profitability by project manager.

Contract Status Report

Generates a complete Work-in-Progress report for all current and completed jobs in the current year. This report meets and exceeds all financial and bonding requirements. A complete picture of projected, job-to-date, year-to-date, and month-to-date billings, plus costs, profits, and over/under billings is presented.

Spectrum's Purchase Order module provides a complete control system for material purchases for jobs and inventory. Purchases for a job update the committed cost for the job as soon as the purchase order is entered. This allows a potential cost overrun to be identified as orders are being placed. Received purchase orders automatically create AP invoices in Spectrum's Accounts Payable module.

In addition, Spectrum makes it easy to compare competitive quotes from vendors. A proposal system helps you gather quotes and select the best prices. Spectrum then automatically creates individual purchase orders for each vendor selected.

Integration with Spectrum's Accounts Payable module provides the accounting control to automatically track the difference between ordered and invoiced. It accommodates stock and non-stock items, as well as miscellaneous vendor charges and unlimited free-form comments. Review of outstanding orders is convenient on screen or through reports, and can be sorted by vendor, by item code, or by job and phase.

Dexter + Chaney is a technology partner with Trade Service Corporation, providers of TRA-SER® Pro, the industry standard pricing service. Spectrum's Purchase Order module interfaces with TRA-SER® Pro for automated price and product information updates.


The Spectrum Purchase Order module will help general contractors:

  • Decrease data entry time. Standard items, instructions and remarks, terms, and frequently used shippers can be coded to improve productivity.  
  • Improve accounting accuracy.  Purchase Order is fully integrated with Document Imaging, Accounts Payable, Inventory Control, General Ledger, Job Cost, Equipment Control, Work Order, and Esti-Link modules which reduces input time and ensure accuracy.
  • Streamline bid process.  Proposed purchase orders can be entered and put out to bid. Proposed purchase orders, when confirmed, become actual purchase orders. This feature can be used to create master purchase orders which, in turn, can be used to create actual standard purchase orders again and again.
  • Save time with automated pricing.  Spectrum's Purchase Order module interfaces with Trade Service Corporation's TRA-SER® Pro for automated pricing updates and lookups.

Sample Reporting

Purchase Order Printing

This produces a purchase order with all the information your vendor needs to process your order. Several plain paper and pre-printed formats are supported. You specify the job range and/or desired vendors.

Purchase Order Status Report

This report is available in a summary or detail format and reports by Vendor, Job, Item, or Purchase Order Number. All pertinent information about outstanding or closed purchase orders are detailed, including the original order amount, received amount, and the amount remaining on order.

Purchase Price Analysis Report

This report can serve as a tremendous negotiating tool. You are able to set up the special pricing rules of each supplier. The list of items in the Proposed Purchase Order are then compared against each supplier's price list to determine both the best package price with a single vendor and the best price by item.

Spectrum's Time + Material module provides contractors with an easy method of calculating and preparing time and material invoices and billing details for ongoing jobs. Contractors who bill on a time and material or cost-plus basis will find that this module provides a simple and efficient way of tracking and billing these jobs. Bills are produced as soon as the costs have been committed, eliminating the need to wait for all the invoices to arrive and for payroll to be processed.

Time + Material allows for user-defined markups for each cost type or job total. Contractor fees can be added automatically or entered after the billing has been created. Multiple billing formats are available for each job and all line items can be modified, even after the bill has been created. When the bill is printed, amounts are automatically transferred to the Accounts Receivable module without duplicating entries, and an invoice is created. The system tracks billings so that only new items are billed; previously billed items are not mistakenly re-billed. New items entered to a previously billed period are not lost, but are billed through a currently open billing period.

The Spectrum Time and Materials Billing helps general contractors:

  • Send invoices faster.  Spectrum automatically creates the billing from the actual and committed costs for each job.
  • Improve accounting productivity.  Spectrum transfers bills to the Accounts Receivable module as invoices.  The Time + Material module is also fully integrated with the Job Cost, Esti-Link, Purchase Order, Inventory Control, Equipment Control, Payroll, Accounts Payable / Subcontract Management, and General Ledger modules, to ensure accuracy and reduce input time.
  • More flexible billing options.  Multiple billing formats, from detail history to summary totals, are available for the printed billing formats.  Billing rates also allow for regular, over-time, and double-time.
  • Customize billing.  Special billing rates can be set up for selected equipment codes and inventory items.

Sample Reporting

Time + Material

This report produces a complete time and materials bill with options for a detail history for each phase/job cost type, each phase only, or each cost type only. The bill can also be sorted by cost type or by phase, with selection options for job range, project manager, division, phase, or cost type.

Profitability Report

This report generates a summary or detail report with the billing amount, actual cost, profit, and profit percentage for each Time + Material bill, with subtotals by phase and cost type. Markups and profitability are easily evaluated by job, project manager, or division. Since all items involved in billings can be stored as long as desired, profitability reports can be run for any date for comparison purposes.

Spectrum Document Imaging lets you incorporate documents - AP invoices, time cards, change orders, etc. - into your everyday workflow, makes your important files available instantly, and your documents are more secure. Paper documents are subject to mishandling and loss or even fire. Documents in Spectrum are safe and duplicated by regular electronic back-ups.


  • Robust document search.  Spectrum Full-Text Indexing (also known as Optical Character Recognition or OCR Indexing) provides you with the ability to search documents using any typed text on the scanned document (not just keywords that were entered at the time the image was added to the system).  Automatic indexing ensures that documents are filed correctly and are easy to locate, and flexible searches make it easy to find a single document or a group of documents. The "Build CD" feature allows the selected documents to easily be transferred to a CD.
  • Full integration.  Document Imaging is integrated to transactions and events throughout Spectrum such as invoices, change orders, and employee reviews. Integration also extends to master files such as jobs, employees, vendors, and customers.
  • Electronic filing.  For documents that do not relate to a specific vendor, job or other Spectrum file, such as tax returns or audit information, you can use Electronic Filing to create your own custom electronic file cabinets, drawers, and folders to hold virtually any type of scanned document. The number of documents and folders is limited only by available disk space.

With Spectrum Construction Project Management Software, you will know the status of each and every RFI, submittal, change request, and change order. Spectrum tracks all of these project components—from initiation to final resolution—by date and detail in an organized, uniform, easy-to-access system.

Integrated Project Workflow Management

Spectrum's Project Management Software provides a fully integrated process for managing workflow. Project Management tracks all items that must be fulfilled under a contract, plus anything else that must be tracked during the job. Designed to coordinate details throughout an organization, Spectrum Construction Project Management Software places vital information and documentation at the users' fingertips instantly.

Job Cost, Imaging, A/P, A/R & Payroll Integration

Full integration with Spectrum's Job Cost Software, Document Imaging, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll Software makes the Project Management Software both powerful and efficient. Single data entry, along with information sharing, streamlines project setup and maintenance. Elements such as requests for information (RFIs), submittals, change requests, and daily logs are visible to all authorized users. And, reports are more accurate and meaningful since they are based on a common database of shared information.

Project Change Order Management

Change orders, when handled efficiently, become profit generators for each project. Spectrum's integration and detail tracking automates and expedites the change order process, managing both cost and revenue. From RFIs and submittals, to proposed and approved change requests, to executed change orders, Spectrum Construction Project Management Software helps you invoice promptly and accurately for changes on a job.

Complete Document Imaging Solution

Document Imaging Software—another integrated component of Spectrum—adds a unique dimension to the Project Management software. With Document Imaging, every job-related document, photo, spreadsheet, etc. is electronically filed within the project for easy access by everyone in the organization. For example, if an RFI was generated by a handwritten note and a photo, these documents would be stored electronically as permanent elements of that RFI. A simple mouse click would allow both local and remote users to view these documents on screen. They can even be printed, faxed, or e-mailed directly from within Spectrum's Project Management Software.

Spectrum's Query and Dashboards are a collection of graphic displays and database queries that provide real-time access to key performance indicators (KPI's) for your company. Specific dashboards are included for executive, operations and financial personnel.  The Query and Dashboards module can help you get the right information to the right people at the right time.

Query Builder

Spectrum's new Query Builder enables users to set-up recurring database queries that produce and email key metrics reports to your team.


You know your business and you know what you have to keep track of. How much money you have in the bank, as well as what your receivables and payables look like. Job cash flow, job profit variance, and work activity are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that help you diagnose small problems before they become large headaches. Spectrum's  Dashboards feature has taken these KPIs and built graphic displays around them so you can monitor the health of your company at a glance.