Hard Dollar - Project Cost Management

InEight's Hard Dollar Project Cost Management is a powerful platform that integrates estimating, scheduling, and reporting into a single system, and helps track actual costs for total project confidence in cost estimating, productivity management and earned value.

The Hard Dollar (HD) solution is a full service Project Cost Management suite that bridges cost modeling with the project schedule to track overall productivity. Built for efficiency, HD is equipped with practical tools that keep your project organized and profitable—simply, reliably, and accurately.


Tap into real-time visibility of actual project facts and figures with HD. Front-line employees can now accurately estimate, manage and accumulate critical performance history to deliver successful projects. Organizations use HD to:

  • CDP is a Hard Dollar Partner, providing project cost management solutions in the mid-Atlantic region.Reduce the time it takes to build accurate estimates.
  • Increase cost accuracy.
  • Speed up customer response times.
  • Reduce administrative expenses.
  • Mitigate risk.
  • Improve profit margins.

Industry Solutions

Industrial Manufacturing

Managing changing targets as well as available certified labor, planning outages, visibility into assumptions and detailed craft man hours is simplified with Hard Dollar Industrial estimating software. Eliminate the redundancy and errors of rekeying data from CAD designs to estimates to scheduling systems, reducing labor and turn-around times between process by more than 3 times, while increasing customer responsiveness, ultimately leading to additional projects and revenue. Learn more about Hard Dollar solutions for industrial and manufacturing facilities.

Heavy Highway

Hard Dollar's specialized functionality for infrastructure contractors includes best-in-class tools for estimating and take-off of; trenches, haul, hauler, asphalt, pipe, grading, bridges, curb, excavation, mobilization, structural concrete, box culvert and water take-off.  Hard Dollar Infrastructure software enables productivity based estimating, bidding and tender processing, and integrated cost and resource loaded schedules. Support for DOT and governmental websites also eliminates data entry and ensures faster and accurate bids. Learn more about Hard Dollar solutions for heavy highway construction projects, including roads and transportation, bridges, underground, earth work, and paving.

Construction, Engineering, and Public Sector Projects

The award-winning Hard Dollar Project Cost Management solution creates cost confidence and profits with increased visibility, standardization, automation, and control over project costs through estimate creation, timesheet entry, productivity management and project analysis in real-time, along with real-time resource and cost loaded scheduling integration with Primavera® and Microsoft® Project. Learn more about Hard Dollar solutions for infrastructure construction projects, including civil projects like university, school, government, church, retail and manufacturing construction.  

Energy and Telecommunications

In the face of multiple industry challenges including predictability, mandatory completion dates, maintaining ongoing skilled labor, deregulation, consolidation, increased competition, price pressures, and pursuit of renewable energy sources, Hard Dollar meets the capital planning and project control needs of energy and utility companies. Learn more about Hard Dollar solutions for alternative energy, utility, and telecommunications providers, and oil and gas companies.


Product Overview

Learn more about the key functionality of Hard Dollar's Project Cost Management.


Create and manage estimates faster and with increased accuracy and  confidence with HD’s estimate builder. Features include: centralized estimate management, access to over 250,000 live third party cost items as well as historical estimate work, cost escalation factors over project life cycles, real-time cash flow analysis and earned value, team collaboration, and long-term estimating processes to simplify estimating activities across the company.

  • Confident bid/no bid decisions
  • Fast estimate setup
  • Estimate template
  • Flexible estimate creation
  • Take-off calculator
  • Historic job costing
  • Solicit quotes
  • Unlimited cost structures
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Compare subcontractors
  • Universal cost changes
  • Data warehousing
  • Flexible pricing and overhead allocation
  • Bond cost calculations
  • Cost libraries
  • Repeatable processes

Connect project estimates and schedules together for live cost changes, keeping projects on budget and on time. Changes to schedules automatically modify cost estimates in real-time, allowing instant assessment of how time effects costs. Estimates and schedules are in synch throughout the project, saving calculation time, and increasing project accuracy.

Primavera Integration (in Real-Time)

  • Primavera cost loaded schedules.
  • Primavera live updates.

Microsoft Project / EPM integration (in Real-Time).

  • MS Project / EPM cost loaded schedules.
  • Microsoft Project / EPM Connect live updates.

Resource planning provides powerful cost data libraries, flexible resource categories, wage scales by zone, tax rates, resource management reporting including utilization, cash flow and earned value, as well as centralized resource address book information.

  • Resource libraries.
  • Conditional resource costing.
  • Match resources.
  • Utilize master resource rates.
  • Flexible wage scales.
  • Wage zone control.
  • Centralized resource address book.
  • Tax rate updates.
  • Flexible resource cost categories.

Enable real-time and historic productivity management including key performance indicators on all project cost areas that provide valuable insight to make quick decisions. Centralization of key information provides collaboration across multiple projects and organization information. 

  • Field resource tracking.
  • Anywhere project analysis.
  • Remote time management tracking.
  • Collaboration and updates.
  • Remote data access.
  • Centralize project information.
  • Time sheets and time management tracking.
  • Monitor “actual” project costs without accounting delays.

Powerful reporting allows at-a-glance key decision indicators to analyze cash flow, bid success, costs, earned value and summary information about estimated timelines, and potential revenue.

  • Key performance indicators.
  • Leverage historic data.
  • Project health indicators and alerts.
  • Real-time variance alerts.
  • User defined screens and reporting.
  • Detailed history logs.
  • Track project changes.
  • View project level, division level and company level reports.
  • Forecast completion costs and budget expectations.

Allows for centralized data management, seamless integration with existing design, accounting and schedule systems, and ODCB-compliant databases.

  • Centralized data management. Connect disparate information including estimates, budgets, documents, spreadsheets, schedules, changes, work plans, timesheets, daily diaries, and more with instant accessibility.  Allow members to access and share data across the organization. 
  • Data connectivity. Open architecture and ODBC-compliant database make it easy to integrate HD with other systems. Integration eliminates double entry efforts into other systems by creating a single point of entry for your entire project. 
  • Accounting integration. HD integration with more than 50 accounting, design and scheduling systems provides rapid updates, eliminating double entry, increasing accuracy and reducing administrative costs.