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CDP is an eTineMachine Authorized Representative, providing timesheet management solutions in the mid-Atlantic region.eTimeMachine is a transaction based system that creates an auditable enterprise environment. Once timesheets are approved the data is locked, stored and secured from any unauthorized changes. Amendments to approved data can only be made by creating a debit and credit transaction, thus providing executives with detailed audit trails to support and validate financial statements. eTimeMachine conveniently allows employees to report actual hours, overtime, billable, non-billable, lieu time, expenses, percent complete, remaining hours, and issues against all assigned tasks from Primavera®.  

How eTimeMachine Works

Collected data is passed through eTimeMachine’s matrix based timesheet approval workflow, allowing both functional and project managers to approve timesheets.  eTimeMachine supports a matrix based organization by collecting and presenting detailed cost and performance metrics from across and throughout all projects and functional business units/cost centers.  Approved data is date stamped and stored into eTimeMachine’s database and then sent to the appropriate project management, financial, HR, and payroll system. eTimeMachine creates a one-write system that eliminates redundancy, reduces the potential for error and maintains data integrity. 

Time Collection Methods

Time can be collected via a variety of methods, including:

  • Web-based forms
  • Email
  • Outlook task manager
  • Smartphones, including Blackberry and Droid


By providing employees with a tool to report time, expense and progress against all corporate activities in ONE environment, companies can benefit from complete resource information to: 

  • Better execute projects.
  • Conduct resource capacity planning analysis.
  • Better manage resources and project portfolios.
  • Achieve optimum employee efficiency.
  • Maximize resource utilization.
  • Maintain data integrity.
  • Deliver enterprise-wide cost and performance metrics for better strategic decision making.