CDP Cloud Hosting Services

Host Your Next Project in the Cloud

Cloud computing is a service provided over the Internet where end-users can take advantage of powerful servers, scale as required, and quickly deploy computing resources where they are needed, all without significant investments in hardware.

CDP Cloud computing servicesThe key features of cloud computing include:

  • Hosted servers in the cloud
  • Custom configuration for CPU, RAM and disk space
  • Change configurations or upgrade with no hassle
  • Fast deployment
  • Run any applications you own
  • Self-manage the cloud or request managed services


“Research firm IDC says cloud revenues exceeded $21.5 billion in 2010 and will reach nearly $73 billion by 2015. That's better than 27 percent growth per year.”


Corporate Server Infrastructure: Why buy when you can lease in the Cloud?

Why spend huge capital dollars every 3 years to purchase new server equipment? Did you know the average small to mid size business buys new equipment every three years just to keep up with the changing technology and operating systems? The average investment for a mid size firm is $35,000 to $50,000 including the labor to configure and install the new system. This can be a huge up front expense if not planned properly. Smaller businesses may be running on peer to peer framework and not have full time IT support. CDP can solve all these issues for you.

CDP's cloud computing services

Cloud computing allows you to:

  • Keep your capital dollars working for you.
  • Spread your costs over the year and mange your expenses.
  • Eliminate huge expenses for the latest technology.
  • Easily add performance and power to your server.
  • Let your IT staff focus on managing applications not equipment.
  • Rest easy with redundant power and internet service.
  • Be protected with on‐site or off‐site disaster recovery plans.

CDP Optional IT Cloud Services

Beyond the basics of our standard cloud services, CDP also offers:

  • Server management
  • File backup solutions (on‐site / off‐site)
  • Disaster recovery planning and solutions
  • Application administration or support
  • Remote desktop support
  • Database maintenance

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