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Submitted by cdp-inc on September 10, 2018 - 6:22pm

Article written by Andy Holtmann and appears on the Viewpoint blog

One of the biggest hurdles to successful construction projects is the disconnect between the workers in the field and those in the back office. Not having the most up to date project information in the field can mean miscommunication, mistakes, delays and added costs. Meanwhile, the project can suffer in the back office as data needed from the field can be hard to collect or incomplete, leading to delays or errors in billing, inaccurate cost accounting and a disconnect over actual job progress. Plus, contractors’ back office staff can be buried in paperwork and manual processes like re-entering data into different systems, taking valuable time away from more important tasks or forcing extra labor overhead costs.

As contractors modernize, however, many are moving to integrated, cloud-based construction technology solutions to help them tie together the field and office. These solutions provide real-time access to data on both sides — no matter where work takes place — and utilize a single set of data to mitigate risks, save valuable and give contractors powerful analytical tools to better understand their own projects and productivity. Just how much of an impact are these solutions having? See for yourself with this interactive infographic below.