Manage Complex Capital Improvement Projects With Ease

Organize and share information securely over the Web.

VPO | Virtual Project Office™ makes it possible.

VPO is simply the best system for organizing and sharing information securely over the Web. Based on Microsoft® SharePoint®, it’s a secure collaborative tool that can eliminate many of the everyday challenges of large construction, engineering and building projects —the challenges that, left unresolved, can develop into costly delays or litigation.

Virtual Project Office: Fast, Easy, and Secure Project Collaboration!

How can you help your project participants efficiently and securely share and process vital documents like drawings, RFIs and contracts--all while cutting travel, printing and shipping costs?

  • Click to view larger imageConnect team members across organizational and geographic boundaries so they can collaborate regardless of their time and place of work—without incurring the costs and delays of travel.
  • Streamline review-and-approval processes, eliminating delays and cutting costs.
  • Reduce risk exposure with automatic auditing of revisions, ball-in court requests, and responses.
  • Protect private information using our secure, neutral collaboration platform, limiting each party’s vulnerability to claims.
  • Rely on our expertise for seamless interoperability, configuration, training and support.
  • Archive automatically, to incorporate Best Practices as standards and build on your successes.

From submittals and RFIs through contracts, designs, documentation, change orders, and more, VPO makes it easy to keep track of every important piece of information in one place.

Keep Everybody on the Same Page—Automatically.

Real-time data exchange over our neutral hosted platform makes for easy, fast communication and more efficient collaboration, from owner to architect to construction manager. Whether your offices are close together or on the other side of the world, you and your clients or contractors can work together with less ambiguity and more confidence.

We help you define project-specific workflows so that the right people receive the information they need. VPO Email automatically notifies participants when their input is required. The entire system integrates seamlessly with the niche solutions you’re already using across the organization.

Our VPO’s intuitive, familiar Microsoft® look and feel means that your project participants will take to it easily and quickly. And throughout the life of the project (and beyond), you are building an electronic record of every interaction to protect everybody from unnecessary claims and litigation.