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Transportation infrastructure is the backbone of a modern, competitive and productive economy.

We get that. That’s why we built a collaborative project management platform that seamlessly links all the experts you need to deliver world-class infrastructures that facilitate the efficient movement of goods and services. Scope, cost, time, quality, and objectives – our project management platform enables your team to keep it all on track.

The passage of a new five-year federal surface transportation law, increased investment from state and local governments, and the continued strengthening of the U.S. economy are driving growth across the transportation industry. But the complex nature of the market, which includes systems that sprawl across vast acreage and are owned, operated and funded by a diverse set of players, makes transportation infrastructure projects tricky. Managing complicated phasing, detailed traffic control, budgeting issues, industry regulations and communication challenges while keeping traffic flowing can be a daunting challenge. But with the right technology in place, it doesn’t have to be.

Kahua’s project management approach enables you to manage the entire lifecycle of a construction project from bid to build by creating a true network across the industry that enables teams to collaborate on building initiatives via a single platform.

Kahua’s cloud-based collaborative project management solution is helping transportation and infrastructure project teams improve quality and safety, limit disruptions and bring new initiatives online more rapidly.

The Kahua Network enables you to:

Keep Time-Sensitive Projects on Schedule

Transportation and infrastructure projects are typically large and complex and can create unique challenges when it comes to design, coordination and construction. The Kahua Network gives you the visibility needed to detect problems early, track status, report in real time and hold all project participants accountable for results.

Reduce Risk

The institutional, legal and regulatory framework surrounding transportation and infrastructure projects is complex. Environmental and safety concerns have driven numerous regulations. The Kahua Network gives you the ability to compile documentation and create a secure audit trail to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Control Your Budget

Due to numerous and varied sources of funding, cost management can be challenging for all project participants. The Kahua Network enables you to streamline scope, mitigate waste and deliver the highest performing assets at the lowest possible cost to ensure your project will keep traffic flowing while coming in on time and on budget.

Kahua Project Management & Collaboration

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