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All Eyes Are On You…

The public sector is facing a lot of change.

A new administration, evolving project delivery methods, and workforce management issues are re-shaping the way we work. It’s a lot to navigate, and in this industry – everyone is watching. We get that. That’s why we built a collaborative project management platform that seamlessly links all the experts you need to successfully deliver complex government projects. Scope, cost, time, quality, and objectives – our project management platform enables your team to nail projects and shine in the public’s eye.

Working with the government is getting tougher by the day. Contracting is changing in multiple ways, creating new challenges in the way we manage and deliver projects. As the government struggles to balance its need to make upgrades and repairs to infrastructure with a lack of capital to fund these projects, a shift to public–private partnerships (PPPs) is on the rise. As firms weigh the risks and rewards of investing their own capital to participate in government projects in exchange for a share of operational revenue or other rewards, business is getting tougher. But with the right technology in place, it doesn’t have to be.

Kahua’s project management approach enables you to manage the entire lifecycle of a construction project from bid to build by creating a true network across the industry that enables teams to collaborate on building initiatives via a single platform.

Kahua’s cloud-based collaborative project management solution is helping public sector project teams communicate more effectively in order to jointly deliver successful initiatives.

The Kahua Network enables you to:

Keep Time-Sensitive Projects on Schedule

Government projects are typically large and complex and can create unique challenges when it comes to design, coordination and construction. And, because they are often highly visible to the public, there’s a higher level of pressure for efficiency and performance. The Kahua Network gives you the visibility needed to detect problems early, track status, report in real time and hold all project participants accountable for results.

Reduce Risk

Government rules and regulations create a large volume of documents that must be managed across a complex web of stakeholders. Effectively maintaining, storing and securing this data is critical. The Kahua Network gives you the ability to compile documentation and create a secure audit trail to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Maximize Your Budget

Government projects involve numerous sources of funding in very specific amounts. Effectively tracking and managing budgets can be a challenge. The Kahua Network enables you to streamline scope, mitigate waste and deliver the highest performing assets at the lowest possible cost to ensure your project meets the public’s expectations while coming in on time and on budget.

Kahua Project Management & Collaboration

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