10 Benefits You’re Missing Out On If You’re Not Operating in the Cloud

In today’s construction environment, your projects demand real-time access to data and process workflows in order to keep them moving and profitable. That’s why more and more contractors are moving their operations and organizational management to the cloud.

So, why should your construction company consider migrating to a cloud-based, subscription software operating environment sooner rather than later? Here are 10 reasons:

1. Access Data AnyWhere, Any Time

With web-based software from Viewpoint, you’re no longer tied to a physical workstation in the office when you need to access or enter data. Securely use your laptop, tablet device — even smart phones right in the field to get the information you need, when you need it.

2. Work From One Set of Data

A fully-integrated, cloud ERP platform ensures that data is standardized across your office, the field and all your project teams. No more wasted time translating data from one software program to another or trying to manage bolted-together systems.

3. See a Productivity Spike

The ability to work in real time, along with the significantly boosted processing power of cloud-based software means you’ll enjoy a serious boost in project productivity — work gets done quicker, bills get paid quicker and your company can focus on winning even more work.

4. Disaster Recovery

Is your company able to ensure business continuity in the event of a disruptive event like a fire, flood or on-premise server failure? If you’re using software delivered via enterprise-class service, your critical data lives in a secure environment protected by the latest security protocols and standards. And with regular data backups and snapshots, you’re guaranteed to keep business moving — even when uncontrollable problems arise.

5. Enhanced Security

Today’s measures for protecting data in the cloud have surpassed those of on-premise data storage. From encrypted security to rich access permission features, you can trust your company’s data will remain safe. Viewpoint's cloud security is even validated by third-party cyber warfare defense experts.

6. Lower IT Footprint

Our subscription delivery makes it easy to access full features of software, or easily bundle integrated products and functionality together as you need them. Take advantage of feature packages and pricing that fit your company’s needs.

7. Automatic Updates

No more managing servers, routinely updating your entire organization’s workstations with software updates, SQL/Microsoft licensing or other heavy IT maintenance. Hosting your data and operations in the cloud means you can reduce your IT spend and focus resources on other critical business functions.

8. Enjoy Full Functionality

Our subscription model also provides flexibility in licensing. Role-based users have their own unique log-ons, so there’s no more software “parking” with concurrent users. And, with unlimited external users across larger project teams, you can make it easy for everyone to access, update and share the data they work with, significantly boosting project collaboration.

9. Work Around Your Role

Always work with the most up to date software and data. With our hosted cloud software, updates and backups are done automatically behind the scenes. New features, functionality and processes are ready and waiting as soon as you log in.

10. Lower Overall Costs

Did you know that contractors moving to the cloud-based, subscription software are saving money over both the short and long-term? Overall costs of an on-premise software deployment are up to 4x more than subscription when you consider recurring costs of hardware, maintenance, IT, additional software licensing, and other factors. Plus, subscription pricing makes it easier to move from large capital expenditure for software to annual operating expenses.

Viewpoint in the Cloud

Viewpoint provides the most extensive cloud software experience in construction. Viewpoint's cloud-based ERP solutions deliver convenient, immediate access to all your construction data — accounting, HR and payroll, project management, estimating, and more. Easy-to-use integrated mobile apps help you work smarter on the job site, and cloud-based collaborative workflows and dashboards keep all project players on the same page. We take care of hosting your software and data, leaving you free to do what you do best — building better projects. From the office, through your project teams, and into the field, Viewpoint delivers one integrated solution for your construction management needs.



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