Kahua: Reinventing Project Management and Collaboration

Derived from the Hawaiian word for “platform”, Kahua was founded in 2009 by seven industry veterans who have been committed to improving productivity in the Construction industry for over 20 years. Kahua's customers range from the largest owners and general contractors to small subcontractors. With over 50 apps in Kahua’s public kStore and over 100 private applications that have been developed by customers or certified Kahua Partners, Kahua is reinventing the way companies manage and collaborate on projects by providing a solution that solves the major problems associated with legacy document management and project team collaboration solutions.

Kahua is:

Solving the collaborative issue of one project stakeholder owning and controlling “the system.”

Enabling rapid creation of custom applications and workflows that enable business processes to work across companies.

A secure but open architecture for connecting the cloud to internal and external systems.

Enabling companies to maximize data access and response times through the use of mobile devices.


Kahua for Your Industry: